“Be where your feet are” is an expression I heard for the first time last year and it has become a mantra for me.  The line triggers a reminder to be present; being where ever you are physically.

I’ve had difficulty with this in my life.  I have a curious mind that likes to take strolls down every mildly interesting mental corridor.  Sometimes, I find great stuff there, but more often than not, I’ve wandered off task or not fully grasped whatever I’m supposed to be involved with. 

Being present allows us to be more focused and empathetic during conversation, more efficient in task, engaged in activities and ultimately allows our moments to be more impactful.  We’re all guilty of thinking about work, or problems, or vacation when we should be listening enthusiastically during conversation.

This is obviously an important skill to learn for building successful relationships, and since learning to be where my feet are, I think my young children and wife have benefited most.  When you’re an entrepreneur working from a home office, the distractions are real, and the work is always present.  When I trigger myself to be where my feet are, I’m more engaged in the activity of the moment and the benefits have been remarkable.  I hope this helps you with being more present in your life.