There’s room in any company for you to be impactful.  The key is finding the fires to put out and be a linchpin.

A linchpin is the person in your office who is the go getter, the problem solver, the first call, the artist. They look for fires to put out, problems to be solved, logistics to be connected, and are servant leaders. This is their art.

In the service industry, those who are most coveted are the linchpins.  Their ambition to serve and complete tasks raises the value of their stock and makes them prime candidates for promotion.

Becoming a linchpin happens through passion, a genuine desire to problem solve and being observant…being present.  Those who sit idle and watch the action are doomed to travel laterally through their careers at best.  We know these folks because everything happens to them and its usually someone else’s fault.

So find your art and do it.  Learn about it.  Envelope yourself in it. Then deliver your gift to those you serve. There is no map, no instruction book, and that’s what makes you remarkable.